23 February, 2010

1H1M - 1Halal1Malaysia

The 1 Malaysia 1 Halal campaign also known as 1M1H isJAKIM’s latest initiative at increasing the awareness of the general consumers that only halal certification and Malaysia halal logo issued by JAKIM and/ or State Islamic Religious Council (MAIN) is being recognized by the government of

Malaysia. The said campaign is expected to be launched on Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday (Maulidur Rasul) in 2010 by HRH Yang di-Pertuan Agong in Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

1M1H which will be held on the 26th to 28th of February 2010 in Masjid Negara will comprise of 3 days of Expo and Exhibition/ Seminar. Apart from propagating the importance on the Malaysia halal logo through seminars and halal clinics, the three-day event will also involve local entrepreneurs to showcase their halal products and/ or services on the exhibition ground. This initial campaign will be followed by a series of road show in each States of Malaysia and is expected to be held in selected shopping malls.

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Kak Nora said...

Salam Vimmy,
TAHNIAH kepada Vimmyasmin. Semoga berjaya, berjaya dan seterusnya berjaya menjadi usahawan yang cemerlang. Nak tengok nama Vimmy di mana ye???